Business Writing Courses Provide Maximum Return on Investment


It's a strange paradox when the CEO of a corporation can't write a simple memo without obvious spelling and grammatical errors. Unfortunately, this happens all the time and not just to the heads of organizations. People at all levels of a business, from secretaries to middle managers to the board of directors, often have difficulty expressing themselves professionally in writing. Despite these difficulties, business owners feel they can't justify the cost of a business writing course for every employee. While understandable, those at the management level should consider that the cost of unprofessional business writing is much higher.

Poor Business Writing Skills Damage Credibility

You may write and send dozens of emails every workday without taking the time to proofread them. You are not alone in this. According to an article in The Freestyle Entrepreneur, email brings a sense of casualness to the work environment that wasn't there a generation ago. When you also consider that many schools no longer place as much emphasis on professional writing skills, it's easy to see how the standards for acceptable business writing have slipped.

To succeed in business, you need to stand above what commonly passes as acceptable. This means insisting that your staff write and respond in a manner that reflects well on your company. Anyone can make an occasional typo and not catch it, but you need to call out a pattern of error-filled written communications.

When potential customers or clients see poor writing coming from your company often enough, they start to make assumptions. For example, they may assume that you or members of your staff haven't obtained the level of education expected for someone in such a position. They could also wonder about an employee’s credibility if he or she make such careless mistakes with their writing. Another possibility is the customer or client assuming that you or your staff lack the motivation to spend a few extra minutes proofreading what you have written. They may wonder where else your company cuts corners.

Reduced Efficiency in Your Organization

If unprofessional business communication skills reflecting poorly on your company doesn't startle you, consider how much it drags down morale and productivity. When an employee sends an email that a co-worker can't understand, he or she must spend time asking for clarification. The need to re-write documents also takes valuable time away from other tasks that your employee could be completing. 

Think back to the last major presentation given by someone at your company. If it involved a Power Point program, could everyone else understand the slides well enough to take action because of them? If not, it's likely they were not clear enough due to poor writing skills. How about the written communication passed out at the last meeting you attended? When people can't make sense of what they read, they are more likely to tune out the rest of the meeting.

Business Writing Courses Increase Profitability 

Requiring your employees to complete a professional business writing course is an investment that produces valuable returns for years. When your company comes off as professional as possible, it builds trust within the community. Those who have never done business with your organization assume a certain level of competency when they see well-written communications. While your employees may complain at first, eventually they should appreciate how it makes their jobs easier when everyone in the organization has professional writing skills.